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Programme Objectives

(i) To broaden the experience and perspective of students and to prepare them to better serve the Hong Kong community by extending classroom learning to hands-on workplace training in the mainland and overseas operations of renowned organizations.
(ii) To increase students’ understanding of the contemporary socio-political and workplace culture in China
(iii) To broaden students’ international horizon and cultural literacy of their host countries
(iv) To develop relationships with the business community, with the view to developing longer-term opportunities for internships/ management traineeships and/ or placements for Chinese University students

You must be a full-time CUHK non-final year Undergraduate or Postgraduate student and able to apply appropriate visas to respective internship cities.
10 Core Modules
Via Joint Recruitment in January 2015
Prog. L: Internship Opportunities in Asia Pacific Region
(e.g. Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam)
4 – 18
  • Full –fledged Internship experience at MNCs/ SMEs/ government bodies
  • Students from all majors are welcomed
  • No. of vacancies (tentative): 20 – 35
Prog. C: Internship Opportunities in Multinational Companies on the Mainland
(e.g. Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhai)
4 - 18
  • Full-fledged Internship experience at MNCs/ SMEs/ government bodies
  • Students from all majors are welcomed
  • No. of vacancies (tentative): 40 – 60
Prog. A: Internship Exposure at Beijing Xuanwu Hospital
4- 6
  • 4-week attachment programme at Beijing Xuanwu Hospital
  • Tailor-made for students from Chinese Medicine, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health 
  • No. of vacancies (tentative): 40
Prog. G: Internship Opportunities in Technology Companies in Nanjing
4 - 6
  • Internship opportunities at state-owned/ private-owned hi-tech companies
  • Engineering and Science students are more preferable
  • No. of vacancies (tentative): 30
Prog. H: Internship Opportunities in Cultural Industry in Xi’an 
4 - 6
  • Internship opportunities in cultural industry
  • Arts and Social Science students are more preferable
  • To comply with the criteria of the potential sponsorship by Commission on Youth this year, only students aged between 18 and 29 who are holders of valid HK Permanent ID Card are eligible for this module
  • No. of vacancies (tentative): 40
Prog. F: Internship Opportunities in Chongqing
4 - 6
  • Structured programme with cultural exposure activities
  • Year 1 and Year 2 students are more preferable
  • No. of vacancies (tentative): 20
With Individual Recruitment Schedule and Application Form
Prog. O: Internship Opportunities in Overseas Cities
(e.g. Berlin, Chicago, London, New York, San Francisco and Sydney)
4 – 18
Prog. P: Internship Opportunities in ASEAN Countries
* Arranged via ASEAN Internship for University Students of Hong Kong Scheme
(e.g. Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam)
4 – 18
Prog. D: Internship Opportunities in Shanghai
(in collaboration with HKCCC)
  • Structured programme with cultural exposure activities
  • Year 1 and Year 2 students are more preferable
  • No. of vacancies (tentative): 20 - 30
  • Recruitment will be opened in Mar/ Apr separately
Prog. B:  I • CARE NGO Internship Program in Greater China
(e.g. Beijing, Beitou, Guangzhou, Guiyang, Taichung, Taipei, Yunnan)
6 - 8
  1. More placements opportunities will be provided by external organizers and promoted via GIP. Applications should be submitted to the respective programme organizers directly. For the latest information, please refer to Eligible students admitted by these programmes might be considered as GIP 2015 participants.
  2. CPDC has its sole discretion to update the above information without prior notice.
To apply, you should be
  • Proficient in English
  • Fluent in Putonghua (especially for internship on the Mainland)
  • Consistently Good Academic Performance
  • Active involvement in extra-curricular activities 

Programme Schedule (Application schedule for individual modules may vary)

Campus recruitment
2 – 6  Feb
Campus interview  / Paper Screening (Tentative)
Late Feb
Announcement of 1st round results
Feb / Mar
Briefing sessions for different modules / Deposit collection 
Mar – May
Job Matching
Confirmations of Offers / Undertaking / Pre-trip counselling
Late May – Aug : Internship Period
Sep / Oct
Certificate Presentation Ceremony / Evaluation Session(s)
Important Notes on Financial Arrangement
  1. Candidates who have passed the in-house screening process will be asked to make a deposit. Please refer to the page of “Application Guidelines” for the refund policy.
  2. Participants will be insured under the University’s Group Travel Insurance package.  He/ She may consider taking out additional insurance as deemed appropriate.
  3. Students should make all payments on time.
  4. Participants with financial difficulties may apply for assistance from respective departments/ units of the University.
  5. Students should arrange inter-city transportation and lodge by themselves.
  6. Student Interns will shoulder their own direct expenses e.g. visa application, inter-city transportation, lodge, meal, etc. and course fee as well as other administration fee collected by the host organizations (if any).
  7. GIP will try its best to solicit donation to cover the programme overheads.  In addition, donors/ external funding will be approached to render support to some participants.  Awardees will be selected by a panel in consideration of students’ financial situation, academic performance, participation in extra-curricular activities, stipend (if any), airfare/ train tickets, lodge fee, living standard of the respective internship city, etc.