Mission & Vision

The Career Planning and Development Centre advocates all-round career preparation and is committed to the career development of students and graduates of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Through a range of career-focused services and programmes, we provide students with comprehensive job market information and insightful advice to help actualize their career aspirations.

Mission: To provide quality services to enhance students' employability and foster their future career development.
Vision: To be a leading career centre in the region with a team of diverse expertise that is agile and responsive to the needs of the students, the University and the business community.


Our objectives:

  • To enhance students’ understanding of the corporate world and to equip them with the essential skills for future success
  • To initiate industry-focused activities and to engage recruiters to collaborate on events
  • To raise awareness on professionalism and ethics at the workplace and promote best practices among students
  • To collaborate with colleges, faculties and other University units in organizing targeted programmes to cater for the needs of students of different academic backgrounds and various career interests
  • To strengthen students’ global perspective and social consciousness, and shape responsible citizens who are able to contribute to and be leaders in the global community
  • To expand job opportunities for students and to provide a platform for recruiters to connect and interact with targeted students