Employment Policy for Non-local Student

Important Notes for Hiring Non-Local Students Taking Up Employment

Eligible non-local students will be issued a “No Objection Letter” (NOL) which allows them to take up employment with details as follows:

  1. Study-related internships as arranged or endorsed by the institutions;
  2. part-time on-campus jobs for less than 18 hours per week; or
  3. off-campus summer jobs from 1st June to 31st August.

Eligibility of Non-local Students

  1. Non-local students of full-time locally-accredited programmes at degree level or above with study period not less than one academic year are eligible to take up the above-mentioned employment.  When granted their student visas upon approval for the applications for extension of stay, these students would be issued a “No Objection Letter (NOL)”, which states that they are allowed to take up employment under stipulated conditions by the Immigration Department of Hong Kong; and
  2. As advised by the Education Bureau, non-local students enrolled in foundation/preparatory year and year zero are not considered as students at degree or above level and are not eligible to take up employment of any kind.

For more information, please visit the HKSAR Immigration Department website: http://www.immd.gov.hk/zhtml/faq_ipoe.htm or contact our centre at 3943 7202.