EQ for Employment - Never be a Fickle Person

Some students overlook the importance of work ethics and responsibility during the job hunting process. Be reminded that employers put a lot of resources and time in reviewing each application to decide on the final interview short list. Students, as a candidate for the opening, should respect the effort that an employer has invested in you. Being absent from an interview without notifying the interviewers in advance, or simply disappear on your first day of work is a very disrespectful behavior.

Take a few minutes to do the following questions, they would help you to understand yourself better.

Case 1
You have applied for a job at Company A. The interview list has been posted at the Career Centre. However, you have changed your mind and you are not going to attend the interview.

1. Will you go to the Career Centre to see the interview list?

  • Yes. I am obliged to inform the company of my decision.
  • Yes. I want to test my competitiveness.
  • No. That's not my business any more.

2. You notice that you are on the interview list of the company. What will you do?

  • I will inform the Career Centre or Company A that I will not attend the interview, so that they can have other arrangements.
  • I don't care. I have already opted out from the job.

Case 2
Company B asked you to attend an interview at a particular time. They told you that the time cannot be changed and you agreed to go to the interview. However, you suddenly remember that you have arranged another interview with Company A at the same time. What would you do then?

  • I will consider whether I wish to give up the interview of Company A or arrange another time. Then I will inform Company A as soon as I can.
  • To make my decision on the day of interview.

Case 3
Both Company A and Company B have offered you a post. The terms of both companies are similar and you have decided to accept Company A's offer. Will you inform Company B that you will turn down its offer?

  • I will inform Company B of my decision on phone politely and then send a thank-you letter to the company.
  • I will inform Company B on phone at the very last moment.
  • I don't think I need to inform Company B at all as they will know my decision when the date is due.

If you have chosen A in all the 3 cases, you belong to the 'modest and mature type'. You can handle matters properly and responsibly. You will leave a good impression to the employer owing to your prudence and considerate behaviour.

If you do not choose A for half of the 3 cases, you could be considered as 'fickle'. You are likely to let your employer feel that you are irresponsible.

What does the attitude of 'that's not my business' mean to the employer? Does it affect your future career and the image of CUHK students? Try to think of that, job seekers.