Tips and recommendations from Career Centre

Tips and recommendations from Career Centre

What employers are looking for?

Concerns that Students May Have

Manners on attending campus events

What employers are looking for?

The majority of employers prefer employees having a global mindset, taking initiatives as well as possessing good language and analytical ability. Ideal candidates should also be enthusiastic and adaptive to change.

Recommendations from the Career Centre:

  • In addition to academic study, students should pay attention to what is happening around HK and the world by reading magazines, newspapers and internet. Develop your views, or sometimes your stance, on an issue.
  • Enhancing the language skills by participating in language training courses and exchange/internship programme.
  • To have more discussion with teachers and other students so as to enhance your presentation skills, self-confidence and analytical ability. You are also recommended to participate in recruitment talks, guidance programmes and workshops organized by the Career Centre.

Some concerns that you may have:

Concern 1

Students: '……worry about the economic development and employment opportunities in Hong Kong……'

The financial storm, high unemployment rate and slack economic development puzzle most students. Most of them are pessimistic about the job market and their career prospect.

Recommendations from the Career Centre:

Many factors will affect whether you can find an ideal job. The economy of Hong Kong may be an important 'external factor' in determining the difficulty of getting a job. Yet, students should not overlook those 'internal factors' i.e. your qualities and abilities. Instead of worrying about the economy, students should better equip themselves and enhance their own competitiveness in the job searching process. Life-long learning should be taken into consideration even though you have found a job.

Concern 2

Students: '……don't know my career aspiration; not sure which career field is suitable for me……'

Most students worry because they are not sure about which career fields are suitable for them or they have no idea what their own career interest is. Some students concern that the discipline/subjects they studied in the University has limited their choice of future career.

Recommendations from the Career Centre:

Employers look for candidates with all-round abilities; the discipline you studied is only one of the factors in their consideration. If you are not sure about your own career interest, you should identify the career fields that interest you most by paying attention to news from different sectors and attending recruitment talks of different companies. Also, talking to people in the field of your interest would also give you insights into the industry and the work involved.

Concern 3

Students: 'How to write a good covering letter and résumé?'

Most students do not know how to write an appealing covering letter and résumé. Some students just copy from samples.

Recommendations from the Career Centre:

Covering letter and résumé are your marketing tools to employers. A well-written covering letter and résumé will catch the attention of employers and bring you an interview opportunity. To know more about the skills in writing a good covering letter and résumé, come and join the workshops organized by the Career Centre.

Concern 4

Students: '……lack confidence and nervous in the job hunting process ……'

Recommendations from the Career Centre:

Lack of confidence and being nervous will affect your performance in interviews. You should learn to keep up your self-confidence and control your emotion so as to perform well in interviews. Our career advisors are most happy to offer career guidance services so as to enhance your employability.

Manners on attending campus events:

Most senior staff of the recruiting companies will host recruitment talks on campus to introduce their corporate culture, vacancies available of that year and the application process. Besides meeting students in recruitment talks, many companies organize firm visits and other networking events where students’ social and communication skills are assessed.
Recommendations from the Career Centre:

  • If students are interested in joining a particular company, you should attend the recruitment talk to find out the company culture to see if you can be a good fit. You can always learn more of the life in the firm by talking to the executives and alumni who are working there. Students can visit for details of the recruitment talks.
  • Plan ahead, be punctual, dress properly and behave in attending these recruitment events. You may also bring along your résumé.
  • Prepare questions for the Q&A session of recruitment talks or for the mingling session in other events. This may impress your potential employer that may lead to an invaluable interview opportunity for you!