Global Internship Programme (GIP)

Programme Objectives

  • To broaden the experience and perspective of students and prepare them to better serve the Hong Kong community by extending classroom learning to hands-on workplace training in the mainland and overseas operations of renowned organizations
  • To increase students’ understanding of the contemporary socio-political and workplace culture in offshore locations
  • To broaden students’ international horizon and cultural literacy of their host countries
  • To develop relationships with the business community, with the view to developing longer-term opportunities    
Please refer to the corporate leaflet for the programme details. For enquiries, you are most welcome to contact us on +852 39431727 or  

Eligibility and Requirements

Eligible students should be:
  • Full-time undergraduate or postgraduate students
  • Good language skills
  • Show strong interest in participating in offshore internship in different industries
  • Able to apply appropriate visas to respective internship cities

Programme Schedule

(Application schedule for individual programmes may vary)
Briefing Session: Jan-Mar
Application (by batches): Dec-May
Nomination and selection period (by batches): Jan-May
Pre-departure Counselling: Apr-May
Internship: May-Aug

Important Notes on Logistic and Financial Arrangement

  • Upon acceptance of internship, student intern is required to submit a HK$3,000 deposit cheque. The deposit cheque will be refunded after successful completion of internship. It will only be forfeited when students withdraw after accepting the offer formally or when students cannot complete the internship.
  • Student intern should arrange his/her own accommodation, visa application, inter-city transportation and other logistical arrangements. All related expenses should be shouldered by the student.
  • A Group Travel Insurance/ Group Personal Accident Scheme will be provided by the University. For details, please visit the website of Finance Office via with your CWEM password. He/She may consider taking out additional insurance as deemed appropriate.
  • Subsidy will be considered for students taking into account the internship location, internship duration, family financial situation, academic result, internship performance, etc. Subsidy levels vary each year, and could not be guaranteed at this stage. Further information will be announced. Each student will be eligible to receive GIP subsidy once per acedemic year.
  • Student with financial difficulties might contact your college for the information about “Reaching Out Award” or the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid (OAFA) for information about Scholarship and Financial Aid.

Obligations of Student Interns

  • Student Interns should be cooperative and take initiative in liaising with the Office of Student Affairs.
  • Student Interns are obliged to participate in related activities/ events organized by the Office of Student Affairs/ donors/ co-organizers, e.g. Pre-trip Counselling Session, Certificate Presentation Ceremonies, Evaluation Sessions, etc.
  • Upon completion of the internship, student interns are required to submit the following items for publication/ future promotion.
         o Article(s) about internship experience
         o Learning Journal
         o Photos