Current Openings

Information on internship opportunities offered/arranged by CPDC and external parties in 2021 - 22 are listed below. Please contact us when you receive the placement offer and we will send you an enrollment form. Once your eligibility for joining the programme is confirmed, you will enjoy various type of support, e.g. University's Group Travel Insurance, subsidy arrangement, etc. 
 Internship Opportunities
Application Deadline
*Internship in various industries including Creative & Design, Finance, Legal, Market Research & Consultancy, etc.
30 April 2022
2 May 2022
*Internship in the Belt and Road Region
3 May 2022
*Virtual internship with companies locatedin Greater Bay Area
11 May 2022
*Remote Internship including Creative & Design, Finance, IT, etc.
20 May 2022
*Programme for nurturing Fintech talents with a series of training courses and activities
20 May 2022
TalentLink - Virtual Company Attachment in Singapore
*Virtual Internship including business consulting, market research, IT, etc.
30 June 2022
*Host companies based in Barcelona, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Paris and Stockholm
on a rolling basis
*Internship at SMEs/corporates/startups around the globe
on a rolling basis
*Virtual Internship in organizations located in Australia, Ireland, Spain, New Zealand etc.
Virtual - Apply at least 1 month before your desired start date
*Onsite or online internship with companies located in Australia and New Zealand on a rolling basis
*Virtual Internship in different career fields within organizations located in Spain or Russia on a rolling basis
*Opportunities at International Organizations (IOs) and International NGOs (INGOs)
on a rolling basis