Application Guidelines

*To be eligible for the Global Internship Programme (GIP), you must be a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate student and able to apply appropriate visa to respective internship cities.

A. Application and Selection Arrangement

Step to take
Important Notes
1) Complete the Online Application Form
  • Please apply via the online application form by modules
  • Please read and follow the instructions stated on the application form carefully as well as provide relevant documents required, e.g. essay, CVs, academic transcript.
2) Attend the in-house screening process
  • Suitable applicants will be considered by
    1) Panel Interview which will be held in January/February and/or
    2) Paper Screening
  • Invited candidates for panel interview are required to register for their interview timeslots in late January/February 
* Students who are currently on exchange outside Hong Kong will be considered on individual basis.  Telephone interviews may be conducted.  

B. Important Notes for Shortlisted Candidate

  • During the Job Matching process, our Centre will:
  1. Nominate candidates for the consideration of the host organizations according to students’ preferences and the placement requirements
  2. Invite respective Departments/ Faculties to nominate suitable students separately for onward recommendation in response to the special requirement(s) of the host organization as appropriate.
  • Skype interviews/ phone interviews by host organizations might also be conducted for nominated candidates.
  • Students accepting the offer from the host organizations are required to sign an undertaking form which serves as formal acceptance of the internship offer within a required period of time. Nomination and matching process of other internship opportunities would be terminated after submitting an undertaking form.