[MTP 2020] Menternship Programme

Dear Students,
Menternship Programme 2020 (MTP 2020)
Have you ever felt confused while planning for your future career?
How to identify and pursue your passion?
How to make choices while encountering different opportunities in life?
Looking for a career direction and transitioning from university life to the workplace could be intimidating.  Isn’t it great to have someone to share your concerns and guide you along the way? At CUHK, we are blessed to have a pool of alumni who possesses significant achievements in their career as well as personal network.  They care about the development of their alma mater and fellow students.  Some of them have now joined together and are ready to offer advice and share wisdom with you!
The MTP, composed of a Mentorship and an Internship components, solicits tremendous support from the established Global Alumni Advisory Board (GAAB) (please refer to the appended press release on 6 March 2018 for details).   Our devoted alumni are going to line up summer placements, locally or at offshore locations, for the participants.  Differs from ordinary internship programmes, the MTP provides value-added pre- and post-internship mentorship to students for a period from 12 months.
Under this programme, a series of well-designed workshops will be organized to groom the participants.  Topics include "Personality Orientation and Career Planning" and "the Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace".  If you wish to unleash your potential and better prepare for your future career development, we would recommend you to join the MTP.  Please find below the timeframe for the programme:
Training Sessions & Menternship Matching : Feb to Apr 2020
Pre-trip Counselling: May 2020
Internship: June to August 2020 (at least 4 weeks)
To know more details about the programme, you may consider attending the briefing session with details as below :
For enquiries, please contact Ms. Yip or Ms. Kwok on 3943 7202 /cpdc@cuhk.edu.hk.

Career Planning & Development Centre
Office of Student Affairs