Reminder for Non-local students – Returning to work in mainland China


Special Notes for non-local students

Mainland Students return to work in China

  • SOME of the necessary procedures (for reference only):
  1. Application of “Certification for study in Hong Kong”(香港地區留學證明)
  2. Application of “Certification of Degree obtained” (學歷學位認證)
  3. Account Registration at the working province/ city (就業落戶)
  • Points to note for Account Registration :
  1. Special attention has to be paid at the no. of days stayed in Hong Kong for studies
  2. Each province or city has different policy
  3. Graduates who don’t meet the minimum no. of days might be rejected to register and work in the area
  • Further information and enquiries:
- (China Education Exchange Centre 中國教育留學交流中心)