CUHK Mentorship Programme (CUMP)

A valuable opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional / senior executive at personal level that you can't afford to miss!



To enhance the exposure of CUHK students through experience sharing and interaction with experienced professionals and senior executives.


Benefits to Mentees

Through the interaction with the mentors, the mentees will be able to:

  • broaden their social and personal perspectives;
  • obtain advice on career planning and development and
  • build up networks for future development.


Benefits to Mentors

Through the mentorship, mentors would inspire students with real world experience at personal level, thereby grooming future leaders for the society, setting a role model for the young generation and shouldering personal social responsibility by contributing to the Hong Kong community.

In addition, it is considered that the mutual exchanges between mentors and mentees provide a platform for the mentors to better understand the younger generation and their life and other values so as to have a better view on ways to attract the right talents and stay young at heart!



Hong Kong-based expatriate and local professionals and senior executives

  • From diverse fields including banking / finance, consulting, education, engineering, health care, hospitality, HR, IT, legal, marketing, NGO, public sector, etc.
  • From active recruiting companies
  • With more than 15 years of working experience



Full time CUHK non-final year undergraduate students and postgraduate students with graduation after December 2021 from all disciplines are welcome to join.

CUMP At-A-Glance (2021)
CUMP At-A-Glance (2022)


 CUMP Timeline (2021)



20 January 2021

Mentors Welcoming Session

31 January 2021

Submission of Annual Plan

31 March 2021

Submission of 1st Quarterly Report

20 April 2021

Happy Hours with CUMP Mentors Series:

Demystify Interior Design and Performing Arts Industry

30 June 2021

Submission of 2nd Quarterly Report

30 September 2021

Submission of 3rd Quarterly Report

31 December 2021

Submission of 4th Quarterly Report

CUMP 2021 Programme Design 

Mentorship Period

January – December 2021

(Mentees are encouraged to keep in touch with their mentors beyond the official mentorship period to interact with the mentors, which would be conducive to their continuous development, and more importantly, to become lifelong friends)

Matching Based on potential mentee's career interests of students as far as possible

Programme Details

  • January/Febraury 2021: Launching Gathering
  • Throughout the year: mentors and mentees are given the discretion to decide on the mentorship arrangements and meetings
  • While no specific rules are in place, the mentors and mentees are encouraged to meet at least four times throughout the year, apart from regular phone / email communications, so that the objectives of the programme can be fulfilled.

Progress Reporting

To facilitate the mentees to reflect what they have gained from the Programme, mentees will be asked to submit a short quarterly report.

Mentors and mentees are always welcome to share with us their mentorship experience and remarkable moments from time to time.

Application Procedure

Application closed. The application for CUMP 2022 will be open in Sep 2021. 


Result Announcement

Application closed.


For enquiries, please contact Ms Kum at 3943 1731 or email to