Police Mentorship Programme

The Police Mentorship Programme (PMP) was first launched in March 2004 as a proactive recruitment strategy to inspire high calibre undergraduates from local universities to join the Force as probationary inspectors (PIs) immediately after their graduation.

The primary objectives of the Programme are to:

  • Facilitate social and personal development of the Mentees;
  • Inspire and motivate Mentees to pursue a career with the Force upon graduation from the universities;
  • Establish liaison with the local university managements on employment related matters; and
  • Enhance the overall competitiveness of the Force in graduate recruitment.

Police Mentorship Programme is a network, which allows free interaction between selected police officers and elite undergraduate students of local universities.  The Programme operates on a one-and-half-year basis.  A Police Mentor will take care of a few Mentees and the recommended activities, accomplishes the objectives of the Programme.

Police Mentors are serving senior police offices who are graduates of one of the local universities, and are willing to spare his / her own time to facilitate the social personal development of local undergraduate students, giving them an insight of the police career by participating in social / university / Force events.

The Mentees are penultimate year undergraduate students who meet the basic requirements for application as a Probationary Inspector and have genuine interest in joining the Force as their life-long career.

Activities will include

  • functions organized under the Programme, e.g. launching ceremony and etc;
  • communications by mail, e-mail or over the phone;
  • informal gathering;
  • visits to Mentor’s work place or Campus of Mentees;
  • other activities mutually arranged between the Mentor and Mentees provided that they are commensurate with the Programme’s objectives;
  • since 2007 summer, “Job Attachment” has been added to PMP.
Police Mentorship Programme (PMP) 2022/2023
Police Mentorship Programme (PMP) 2022/2023 is now open for application and the deadline is 14 Feb 2022.  You may access and complete the online application at https://www.idea.gov.hk/hkpf-rec-hr/hong-kong-police-force-police-mentorship-programme-pmp-application-2022-23/en.
For further details, please contact Recruitment Division (Tel:28606477, e-mail: rec-1-publicity@police.gov.hk)

Basic requirements for application as a Probationary Inspector

Basic requirements for application as a Probationary Inspector:

If you wish to join the Hong Kong Police Force as Inspector, you are expected to meet the requirements listed below.


You must be a permanent resident of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and have lived in Hong Kong for at least seven years.

Academic and Language Proficiency Requirements

You must also possess the following academic qualifications before you can be considered for the post of Inspector.

Academic Requirements
  • A Hong Kong degree, or equivalent; or
  • An accredited Associate Degree from Hong Kong tertiary institution /A Higher Diploma from a Hong Kong polytechnic / polytechnic university, or a Diploma from a registered post-secondary college awarded after the date of its registration, or equivalent; or
  • A pass in two subjects at Advanced Level in the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (2A) plus three other subjects at grade C or above in the HKCEE (3O), or equivalent.
Language Proficiency Requirements
  • Applicants should possess Level 2 (or Grade E before 2007) or above in Chinese Language and English Language (Syllabus B before 2007) in the HKCEE or equivalent. Applicants not meeting the above requirement may still apply. They will be exempted from this requirement if they are able to pass the Chinese and English Papers in the Written Examination during the selection exercise of Inspectors.
  • Be able to read and write Chinese and speak fluent Cantonese.
  • You must have a good physique as you will be required to pass a physical fitness test during the selection process. If you are a male candidate, you should be at least 163cm tall and weigh 50kg. For female candidates, you must be at least 152cm tall and weigh 42kg. You must have good eye sight and you are required to pass an initial eyesight test without the aid of any eyesight correction tools.
Essential Attributes
  • Mature personality
  • Good physical fitness
  • Confidence
  • Effective communication skill
Fitness Test

Please refer to Police Force web for updates: https://www.police.gov.hk/ppp_en/15_recruit/fitness.html