Global Internship Programme

What is Global Internship Programme?

Global Internship Programme (GIP) is a collaboration between the Chinese University of Hong Kong with diverse host organizations in providing valuable offshore internship opportunities for students to gain real-life work experience as well as enhance their global exposure and perspective.  First founded in 1997, over 6,000 students have been benefited so far.  Major internship cities include Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Berlin, Dublin, London, Melbourne, New York, Paris, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto and Vancouver, etc.

What does an internship company gain from the programme?

By offering internships to CUHK students, the host organization can:

  1. identify suitable talent from a pool of elite students who are well-qualified and proficient in Putonghua, English and Cantonese (an early testing ground for future employment);
  2. undertake social responsibility activities that in turn enhances corporate image;  
  3. enjoy a fruitful internship experience (CUHK assists in the logistics arrangement, including accommodation, insurance, transportation and pre-trip briefing); and
  4. gain additional manpower to support office operations for a period of 4-14 weeks.

How long should an internship last?

The length and time involved for an internship varies according to your needs. Some companies arrange the internship length within 8 weeks for the sake of administrative convenience.
Our students are available in summer time, around May to August.

Do I have to pay an intern?

Internship providers are welcome to give a nominal stipend to the interns to subsidize students’ expenses during the internships.

How to post an internship?

If you are interested in offering an internship to our students, kindly provide us with the following information through e-mail to or call us at 3943 1727.

  1. Description of the duties (including duration);
  2. Your company background;
  3. Requirements on students; and
  4. Contact information (person-in-charge / telephone no. / fax no. / e-mail address)

For more information about Global Internship Programme, please visit